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  • A product for fitness enthusiasts. Its design keeps the knee snug fit protecting it from all types of stress. Ideally suited to wear during any sports activities, fitness training at the gym, and for endurance athletes. The knee wear can share the workload on the joint along with muscles. This will helps in preventing wear and tear of the knee joint in the future.





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Directions of Use

A simulator test was run to 5 million cycles with gravimetric measurements taken throughout the test so that the components measure wear volumes. The wear volumes are then estimated and compared against gravimetric techniques. The implications of the results are further discussed in terms of assessing joint functionality and developing standardized CMM based product standards. In addition, the results are discussed in terms of their applicability to the frequency of wear on hard knee systems.

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During sports, KNEE WEAR should be used as directed by the doctor. While putting it on, make sure that hinges are where the knee bends. Straps, tapes, or hook- and -loop tapes should be fastened around the leg. One should check the KNEE WEAR now and then during activities to make sure that it has not moved. Poorly positioned KNEE WEAR can hurt rather than help. The KNEE WEAR is useful for conditions like dislocated kneecap (patella), knee pain and tenderness, knee swelling, and ‘sloppy|’ kneecap (hypermobile patella) in which kneecap moves from right to left. Those who have deformed or bent knee can also get benefit from this product.


Most ligament injuries can be diagnosed with a physical examination. The main knee problem usually comes as instability of knee joint which will be resulted in Anterior Crucial Ligament (ACL) and acute pain on the knee due to Medical meniscus injurious. For both these conditions, In-Shape Knee Wear is the right option in it's kind.