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  • “Choosing the right pillow supports the neck and enhances comfort during sleep”

    A scientifically designed pillow by Dr. Pathrose  Parathuvayalil.

    NECK-FLIX pillows provide 180-degree support to the cervical spine preventing torsion of the neck during sleep. This will relax neck muscles and relieve spasms, thereby reducing neck pain.

    A perfect pillow- for those who suffer from neck pain and also to reduce the risk of neck pain.

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  • Suitable in Cervical Spondylosis for pain relief.
  • For back and side sleepers, Neck-Flix provides adequate support to the neck which helps to hold the neck in proper balance even during sleep.
  • Improves posture and your level of confidence.
  • Eases tiredness and stress, giving a relaxed feeling.


  • Support to the back and side sleepers
  • Helps to keep your spine straight 
  • Reduce the risk of neck pain 
  • Clinically tested and safe to use the material.