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Swing in shape with

carve the beauty in you

Size Small Medium Large XL XXL XXXL
Waist 70-79cm 80-89cm 90-99cm 100-109cm 110-120cm 120-130cm

Every woman has wonderful dreams of having deadly curves, a flat stomach, and a lot more, but sadly not everyone will have the same body as in their dream. To make your dream come true, you have to work hard, and the easiest way to do this is to use body shape wears. But all shape wears are not good for skin, health, etc. If you feel low confidence level with your body shape, or you feel shy about wearing some dresses because of your body shape, Here we are giving an easy and safe way to tuck your confidence with your body shape.
By understanding the need for quality shapewear we researched and developed "lady in shape", which can be used along with any dress. Wear your favorite outfits without the fear of flabs. Contour your body and tuck in fat from the upper abdomen to knee area with this customized airy products that facilitates skin breathing and prevents sweat.


We have designed 2 different types of in-shape for your convenience. One for the upper body & thighs and the other for the waist & butt. In- Shape qickly reduces your size measurement by 1-3 inches. In shape with exact sizing helps to ensure a continuous reduction in your upper body, thighs, waist, hip, butt measurement. When it feels loose, switch over to the lower size to ensure the progressive reduction in waist, hip, thigs, etc. measurement.


  • Made from non-allergic & 100% breathable product.
  • Soft & durable
  • Lightweight & inconspicuous, comfortable with anti-rolling stays fixes with easy hook and loop fasteners.

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