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It all began a century ago. Or perhaps, even back. As per the family annals, Sri Parathuvayalil Varkey Vaidyan, the grandfather of Dr. Pathrose who steers the PPG today, was renowned as an expert in treating orthopaedic disorders. Hailing from a family of traditional Ayurvedic practitioners, he set the path for future growth. A path which is deeply rooted in the principles of Ayurveda, "let all beings prevail in well being". His son, Sri. P.V. Paulose Vaidyan, took this commitment further. His fame spread beyond the boundaries of Kerala. Thinking beyond his times, he sent his son Pathrose for professional education in Ayurveda. Blending his century-long legacy with knowledge gained through professional education, Dr. Pathrose steered his family's impeccable tradition to newer heights. Not only did he believe, but also proved many times, that most of the orthopaedic conditions can be treated without resorting to painful surgical procedures. This being his forte, Parathuvayalil Hospital, founded by him in 1955 in Keezhillam, Perumbavoor, began to emerge as a favoured destination for those who sought lasting solution for cervical spondylosis, osteoarthritis, disc prolapse, osteoarthritis, diabetic neuropathy and the like.

Today, the Parathuvayalil Hospital, the pioneering venture of the PPG, is a modern Ayurvedic Health Care Centre with facilities to treat about 100 inpatients.

The penchant to improve the quality of life of his patients inspired Dr. Pathrose to design and manufacture an array of specialty equipments for those suffering from orthopaedic problems. This led to the founding of Techno Medical Division : Ortho-Care Products Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Pathrose's penchant for excellence led to the establishment of Herbaceutical Division : Pam Labs India Health Care Pvt. Ltd, the Ayurvedic Medicine manufacturing division of the Group. To add more prowess and efficiency to the marketing efforts, Marketing Division Herbix India Marketing Pvt. Ltd was added to the fold.

Today PPG is a fast growing multifarious entity, determined to pursue excellence in all its endeavours.