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Pam Labs India Health Care Pvt. Ltd.

Pam Labs is PPG’s Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing and experts Herbaceutical Division. Situated at M.M valley, Perumbavoor, Pam Labs is rated as the country’s most sophisticated Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing facility. This ISO and GMP certified facility manufactures a wide array of over 60 Ayurvedic proprietary medicines as well as 300 classical Ayurvedic medicines, herbal FMCG cosmetic products like soaps, shampoo, herbal mouth wash ,face pack, tooth pastes and the like. Laying thrust on achieving higher standards of efficacy and safety, PPG has installed a highly advanced de-mineralization plant which eliminates hazardous metal, mineral and other residues from water and herbs. Higher standards of efficacy are ensured through the careful selection of raw materials, herbs, astute management of heat during the manufacturing processes. This is further accented by the advanced hypothermic fermentation chamber, which ensures higher fermentation efficiency.

PPG’s dedication for maintaining superior quality doesn’t just end here. A multi-layered quality upkeep system, right from the point of sourcing, is efficiently maintained to ensure that the medicines conform to higher standards of safety, quality and efficacy. This obsession for quality has won Pam Labs the recognition of the Dept. of Drug Control, Health Ministry Govt. of Oman. This enables Pam Labs to tap the opportunity existing in the Middle East.

Pam Labs is setting a strategic notch in its history by foraying into Ayurvedic FMCG market, with the launch of In-Fresh, the first ever herbal mouth wash with zero alcohol content.