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In-Shape, an Abdominal Suspender Belt is a uniquely designed unisex orthopaedic binder which helps maintain body shape.
Conceived and designed by Dr.Pathrose, In-Shape has won a phenomenal market acceptance in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu as well as the Middle East.


  • - Useful on post delivery periods to reduce your waistline
  • - Excellent for post surgical support
  • - Helps relieve back pain with proper abdomen and back support
      since pot belly is a factor for back pain
  • - Wearing In-shape while exercising helps avoid hernia
  • - Hides well beneath clothing.
  • - Non-restricting of normal body movements
  • - Shapes to fit body contours


  • Useful both men and women.
  • Solid elastic construction.
  • Fully imported elastic with gripping device.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Made such a way to suit small to large frame.
  • Washable and long lasting.